Our course leaders

About Martin Towey

Martin Towey is a diploma-trained teacher in mindfulness-based interventions. Having practiced meditation for many years, noticing the benefits in his own life, Martin was keen to learn how to teach others the skills of mindfulness.  

Since completing the intensive 18 month diploma at the Mindfulness Centre for Professional Training in Ireland, he has taught various courses.  He regularly gives 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses to healthcare staff within the HSE.  Recently, he ran a mindful movement course for people living with Parkinson’s disease at the practice where he works as a neurological physiotherapist. Martin undertakes professional clinical supervision regularly as well as attending retreats and workshops by reputable teachers in mindfulness including Jon Kabat-Zinn and Christina Feldman.  He facilitated the first Ceangal Mindfulness Weekend at Aulagnes and will return to host a second programme 5-8th September. 

Martin adheres to the Good Practice Guidelines set out by the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland and is a member of the teaching team at the Mindfulness Centre in Dublin.

He recently published An Act of Madness inspired by the life of his great grandmother, and a tribute to her and to the thousands of Irish people stigmatised, maltreated and largely forgotten by 20th Century Irish society.


About Emma Thom

Emma Thom works full time as a Mindfulness Teacher. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Approaches from the University of Exeter. 

Emma works on a freelance capacity and teaches 8-week Mindfulness Programme for the Accept Clinic at Exeter University, in the NHS and other health and social care agencies. On a personal level, Emma’s life has benefitted in many ways from her practice of mindfulness. Emma loves sharing what she has learned with others and is passionate about making mindfulness accessible to all.  

Emma has a daily meditation practice and yoga practice and attends regular silent insight meditation retreats to deepen and support her practice.  


About Imelda Wright

Imelda Wright is a diploma-trained teacher in mindfulness-based interventions and Deputy Principal of a busy primary school.

She discovered mindfulness and the benefits it brought to her life many years ago. It helped to quiet a very busy mind and allowed response rather than reaction in life, especially in difficult situations.  

With the knowledge of these benefits and having undertaken tailored training, she began bringing mindfulness to the children and teenagers with whom she works.  She now trains other teachers and has designed a mindfulness summer course for teachers to introduce them to developing their own mindfulness practice and to support them in bring mindfulness into their own classrooms.

Imelda is also qualified to teach the Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course and has taught this course and other mindfulness courses to adults.

As part of her MBSR training, she came back to yoga, something that she had practised many years ago. The combination of mindfulness and yoga have been powerful tools on her journey to wellbeing.