Yoga Weekends

If you thought that yoga was all about bending and twisting your body into odd shapes, it’s time to think again! Yoga is much more.  In simple terms, it is about caring for your body, mind and breath.  The century-old practice of hatha yoga includes physical exercises (asanas) that seek to relax and still the body, breath work (pranayama) to focus the mind, relaxation to quieten the body and mind, and meditation to centre the spirit.

Inspired by our spring weekends and the heart-warming reviews which followed, we are delighted to announce details of our Yoga Weekend which will take place here in Aulagnes from 10th – 13th October.

This Weekend offers a unique opportunity to nourish the body and the soul while immersing yourself in the beautiful Cognac countryside and enjoying some insights into French living.

Why not read some of the reviews below to get an insight into what you can expect…

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About the Programme

During your days with us, you will be introduced to hatha yoga practices which help relax and still the body, quieten the mind and centre the spirit. 


Situated in beautiful countryside, the programme will also include a taste of France and some of the very special things the local area has to offer  including our local vineyard, one of the largest troglodyte churches in the world – which is just down the road – and the very beautiful and historic village of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne. 

Recent participants have said 



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