June was ‘the month of rapid growth’.  You could see things sprouting right in front of you – the plants, the crops, the grass (and sadly the weeds too!) So – it was a full time job to keep the grounds in order and Charlie was busy as a bee…We also had the pleasure of harvesting tonnes of cherries!  There were so many, we issued a call to all our friends and neighbours to come and help themselves…(read more)


This month we hosted our second Mindfulness Weekend which was another amazing experience.  Imelda Wright facilitated the programme and the feedback once more was so positive.  We’d made a few changes to the programme since February providing more relaxation time and the temperatures were also that little bit warmer so more time outside…(read more)


At last, the temperatures are slowly creeping up and it feels we’re leaving the winter behind.  The landscape is changing by the day with more and more signs of spring. We’re also coming out of our hibernation and doing a little more in the community…(read more)


February saw us host our first Mindfulness Weekend and it is no exaggeration to say we were bowled over by the experience.  We hosted 10 participants, most of whom came over from Ireland from Thursday until Sunday.  Their feedback on the whole experience left us speechless – which is no mean feat…(read more)



The first weeks of the New Year saw us getting more and more excited about a new venture we’d been working on over the previous months. When we arrived in Aulagnes, we immediately saw what an amazing location it would be for special weekends where people could really ‘get away from it all’. ..(read more)


Christmas and New Year were fab!  Over Christmas, we had guests in the big house and family visiting us in our cottage.  There was lots of prep in advance and both Aulagnes and our own place looked beautiful, decked out with Christmas trees and decorations and all the trimmings…(read more)


As well as hosting our B&B guests, autumn’s also seen us take up a few hobbies, both indoor and outdoor.  On the cold wet days, we’ve gotten into making chutney (Charlie’s persimmon chutney is a hit!), soup (Olive’s carrot, cumin & coriander…perfection in a bowl!) and sloe gin.  On the finer days, we’ve worked on Kerry’s 2CV …(read more)


Nature is literally on our doorstep here and as the seasons change, the landscape changes too.  Last month, the farmers were busy with the harvesting, and as they moved from field to field, the colours changed before our very eyes.  The vines are being pruned at the moment too – all by hand and with an amazing amount of care and attention…(read more)



When we first visited Aulagnes we were bowled over by its beauty and elegance.  It is a French manoir – the primary house of the local region – and has been tastefully restored by a family whose love and care of the place is everywhere to see. From the moment we arrived, we felt it was a very special place and a space where great things could happen…(read more)


Our search for care-taking opportunities brought an offer to look after a property in a rural part of Occitanie and only an hour from the historic city of Carcassonne.  We were thrilled to have been accepted and even more bowled over when we arrived at our destination – the most beautifully restored farmhouse perched on a hill sweeping down to a tranquil lake and surrounded by beautiful gardens…(read more)



Field of lavender in Provence, FranceFirst stop on our French adventure was picturesque Provence…with its beautiful lavender fields, expansive skies and quaint hillside villages each more beautiful than the next, we couldn’t have asked for a better start. By happy coincidence, some friends had just bought a house there which needed lots of work done – including the taming of acres of wilderness…(read more)