Mindfulness Weekends

Offering a unique opportunity to nourish the body and the soul while immersing yourself in the beautiful Cognac countryside and enjoying some insights into French living.

During your days with us, you will be introduced to mindfulness and guided in various meditation practices by a fully qualified mindfulness teacher.

Practising core meditation practices such as the body scan, sitting meditation and mindful movement, you will develop skills which you can incorporate into your everyday life.  Mindfulness teaches us to bring our awareness to the present moment, to what is happening ‘right here, right now’.  This awareness is cultivated with an attitude of compassion towards ourselves and our experience. 

As well as guiding the above meditations, the teacher will share some basic Buddhist teachings, which can provide food for thought. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy mindful walking and experience through the senses this beautiful part of France.

You can also enjoy organised visits to some very special local attractions including our local vineyard, one of the largest troglodyte churches in the world – which is just down the road – and the very beautiful and historic village of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne. 

The programme is designed to offer a gentle introduction to mindfulness in stunning restful surroundings with some relaxing rejuvenating ‘time out’…

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Zen Circle is reproduced with the kind permission of the artist Kazuaki Tanahashi and © Brush Dance